Acting Today to Save Tomorrow – in association with Bakers Waste Services Ltd

31st January 2017


Leicester South Food Bank is delighted to announce that we’ll be working alongside Bakers Waste in an attempt to ensure no food is wasted in our local community.

Working with Bakers Waste will instil an entirely new approach to our aim of putting good use to the food that unavoidably wasted.

How does it work?

Bakers Waste has pledged to donate 10p per food waste bin that they lift.

This will begin on February 1st 2017 and end April 30th 2017.

How can you help?

Alongside the on-going 10p per food bin donations, we’re offering YOU the chance to get involved…

Submit a photo of you donating food to Leicester South Food Bank or a photo of you with an empty plate and once we have 100 photos, Bakers Waste will donate a further £100 on your behalf.

Simply quote “Bakers Food Bank” and submit photos to [email protected]

OR send them to our social media pages by following these links and we’ll share them too.  Facebook or  Twitter


Bakers Waste Donates to Leicester South Foodbank
Bakers Waste Donates to Leicester South Foodbank

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