Biscuits galore

21st July 2023

Thank you Preeya for showing me around the biscuit factory pladis Global in South Wigston and introducing me to your lovely colleagues who were busy packing.

Your collection point was over flowing with donations the staff had brought in!

Thank you Brian for allowing the collection point that we are anticipating to pick up from weekly. Brian who is Pladis biscuit factory general manager. The factory in South Wigston produces 15,000 tonnes of biscuits annually and manufactures brands such as TeaTime (Family Circle) and Victoria assortments. In peak season it can employ up to 750 people. I must admit walking past the chocolate spreading machine, I was tempted to sign up!

It is fantastic to have support from one of our local business, especially as Brian’s story is so inspirational. He left school with no qualifications and joined Pladis at the former McVitie’s Ashby-de-la-Zouch biscuit factory on the Youth Training Scheme. He spent years packing biscuits, working in the warehouse and mixing chocolate before seeking professional development via the company’s Operator development scheme. for the full article HTTPS://WWW.FOODMANUFACTURE.CO.UK/ARTICLE/2021/10/08/BISCUIT-FACTORY-BOSS-WINS-TOP-AWARD

Together we can make change happen!

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